Vinyl Stickers For the Witchy & Kitschy!

Vinyl Stickers For the Witchy & Kitschy!

Where are all of our sticker hoarders at?! If you love collecting stickers and elevating boring surfaces, you’re at the right place for stickers catering to your unique style and dark humor. This new Sourpuss sticker drop features everything you love about being witchy and kitschy. Magickal Cats? CHECK! Death metal lettering logos? CHECK! Booties with bats tattooed on them? CHECK! Witches with bat wings and holographic skeletons? Yeah, we got that, too, and so much more!

With two decades of expertise in catering to the unique tastes of our community, we proudly present new original vinyl stickers and your restocked favorites. At Sourpuss Clothing, we understand that your style is not just a choice, but a statement, and our stickers are here to amplify your voice. All of our stickers are waterproof and outdoor safe, ready to accompany you on every adventure.

When it comes to personalizing your belongings, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Here are some unconventional yet perfect places to showcase your new vinyl stickers:

1. Planners and Journals: Transform the mundane into the extraordinary by adorning your favorite reads or planning essentials with stickers that speak your language.

2. Water Bottles, Mugs, and Travel Cups: Infuse your daily hydration rituals with your personality. Our vinyl stickers adhere flawlessly to water bottles, mugs, and cups, ensuring that your beverage vessels are as unique as the liquid courage they hold.

3. Helmets, Skateboards, Cars, Laptop and Phone Cases: our stickers are your portable canvas for self-expression. Take the fun where ever you go!

4. Windows and Mirrors: Break the barriers of conventional decor and bring your alternative aesthetic to life by decorating your windows and mirrors.

5. Toolboxes, Filing Cabinets, Sewing Machines, Guitars and Instruments: From the workshop to the stage, and everywhere in between – our stickers are versatile enough to transform your tools, instruments, carrying cases and luggage into personalized artifacts.

Our vinyl stickers are not just accessories; they're emblems of self-expression, crafted to withstand the test of time. Where will you put yours?

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