Goth Fridge Magnets: New Creepy Cute Styles For Your Fridge & More!

Goth Fridge Magnets: New Creepy Cute Styles For Your Fridge & More!

It’s time to elevate your fridge game with new Sourpuss magnets! Looking for quirky kitchen accessories? Or a new way to display important notes and reminders, your favorite photos and artwork, or coupons and shopping lists? Sourpuss just launched a crazy collection of new and restocked magnets that are ready to add some extra personality to any kitchen! From dark art and goth styles to creepy cute styles, you’ll find something in this latest release!

Spooky Sourpuss Clothing Magnets for Goths Punks and Alternative Crowds

These indoor magnets don’t have to just be for your refrigerator. Get creative! Decorate your school lockers, filing cabinets, tool chests, vision boards or memo boards; any magnetic metal surface in need of some flair will do!

How do magnets work? Well, we’re not scientists here, and even ICP can’t help you with solving that mystery. What we DO know is that whether you're a cat lover, a graveyard ghoul, a fan of the occult, or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, there's a magnet for you. So, why wait? Spruce up your space with Sourpuss magnets!

Explore our entire MAGNET COLLECTION here!

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