FREEEEEE SHIPPING has arrived! Until 10/7 we are giving the gift of free shipping on all domestic orders with a total over $100! 

We have SO much to chose from, but here's some inspiration from our TOP SELLERS last week! 

#1. Luna Bats Full Size Blanket

Alright everyone.... when we say you need this blanket year round, we ain't lying! This is seriously THEE softest blanket we've ever had. It's spooky, it's cozy, and the best part? ITS HUGE! Bring it to the beach in the summer, snuggle up on the porch on a chilly fall day, lay it on the grass at the park on a spring day, need we go on more? It's a Sourpuss MUST HAVE. 

#2. Mega Coffin Shelf! 

The ultimate Sourpuss Coffin Shelf has been flying off the shelves! Standing at 31" tall, you can fit all your larger knick knacks, spell jars, even VHS tapes! The perfect gift... for your spooky bestie or yourself. TREAT YO SELF! 

#3. Striped Lydia Black and Cream Dress

This one just clearly speaks for itself! This dress has been a top seller at Sourpuss for a while now! This Classic Dress sells quicker than lightning when it gets restocked! Only sizes XS-L are left! So make sure you grab one before they're all gone! 


Make sure to grab all 3 today with free shipping! Waaahoo!  

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