Get your Home HAUNTED with Sourpuss

Get your Home HAUNTED with Sourpuss

Get you home super spooky with our HAUNTED homewares!

Starting off with your bathroom, the amount of options you have to pick from is truly endless! Starting with our new arrival, The Spider Web Shower Curtain and matching Spiderweb Half Round Bath Mat


AANND, yep, you heard it right! You're other favorites have been RESTOCKED. The Classic Halloween Shower Curtain and Classic Pumpkin Bath Mat, along with The Black and White Spooksville Shower Curtain and Big Bat Bath Mat. Did we mention that our shower curtains make GREAT backdrops for your photos? Yeah, take it from @Noellenurmi! Check out her posts, you won't regret it! 

Plenty of creepy goodies for the kitchen! Including the Lady Skull Mug! Sip your coffee in something creepy cute! 

Let us not forget about our best seller, The Luna Bats Fleece blanket! The comfiest thing you will ever lay with, seriously! 

DON'T FORGET EVERYONE! FREE SHIPPING! Happening now until 10/7 on all domestic orders over $100. 

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