Sourpuss Gift Guide - The Hard-to-Shop-For Edition!

Gift_Guide_1 Looking for a great gift for the special someone in your life who's hard to shop for? Or are you just plum out of gift ideas for those nearest and dearest? You're in luck - we've got your Top Ten Gift Ideas: The Hard-to-Shop-For Edition! And bonus - they're all around $25 (give or take), which means you can even treat yourself to something fun with all that leftover dough.
  1. For the Cat Lady - Got a feline fanatic in your life? They'll love this purrrrfect combo of our Sourpuss Black Cats Salt & Pepper Shakers and these too-adorable-to-handle Creep Heart Black Cat Stud Earrings. Top off your adorable gift with this beautiful Saturn Press Spooky Cat Card - this gift is the cat's meow!
  2. For the Cryptozoologist - Let them wear their love of all things Cryptid loud & proud! They'll love this Maiden Voyage Friends of Cryptid Wildlife T Shirt (available for both gals & gents). And for an added bonus, don't forget their official membership kit (available in three different options) - includes a patch, button and super official membership card.
  3. For the Patch Fiend - Create your own gift bundle of our amazing patches and pins. This is a sure-to-pleasure bundle of some of our faves: Our Nik Scarlett Jerk Patch, the Thrillhaus Turd Patch, Kustom Kreeps Tattoo Removal Patch, and of course the Sourpuss Pizza Patch (cause, yum!). There's a jillion to choose from so you can mix & match your own.
  4. For the Dapper Dude - Give 'em some awesome sh*t that they'll be sure to use everyday, like our Kustom Kreeps Switchblade Comb & Suavecito Pomade. They'll be in grooming heaven!  And top it off with this Black Heart Letterpress A True Gentleman card (*true gentleman status is not guaranteed.)
  5. For the Saucy Suzy Homemaker - You can't go wrong with these delightful Betty's Diner Milkshake Cupcake Molds and this fabulous Sourpuss Yours & Mine Tea Towel Set. And the cherry on top? This You Deserve a Donut Greeting Card. Because Donuts = True Love.
  6. For the Goofy Baby Shower - Got a shower for a lady you don't know so well? They're sure to get a laugh out of this Get a Womb Uterus Plush toy (familiar territory) and Mom Tattoo Greeting Card!
  7. For the Snugglebug - Give the gift of the most awesomely comfy blanket ever. Enough said. Choose from our Skull or Octopus fleece blankets (or just go ahead and get both!) and your lucky recipient will thank you by lounging around for days or even months.
  8. For the Book Nerd - Give something different and unleash hours of fun with the Tattoo Coloring Book. Because Tattoos. And coloring for grown-ups. See what I mean? Top it off with these gorgeous Saturn Press Sailboat Book Plates (or any of the other unique Saturn Press book plates in stock.)
  9. For the Undead Enthusiast - They'll love the Zombie Road Trip Board Game. It's a Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival Game and tons of fun!
  10. For the Pretty-in-Pink - Great for any of your favorite ladies, gift her our Classic Hardware Pink Champagne Earrings and a new Limited Edition Sourpuss Pink Elephant Shot Glass. Two classy, yet bubbly additions to her collection. Bottoms up!
Gift_Guide_2 So go forth and gift shop with confidence! And p.s. - don't forget the gift wrap and cards!
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