New Kustom Kreeps Gear for Spring

KK-NEW-1Kustom Kreeps is back with four new t-shirts that are prime to melt your face off! Music, Motors & Mayhem sums up what Kustom Kreeps is all about. It's simple statement is wrapped up neatly in a bold, pinstriped spade design with a large print on the back and small chest print on the front. Roadkill and Dirty Rat offer something up to all the gearheads. The Dirty Rat graphics harken back to Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's stylized illustrations while the Roadkill tee features a gold skull donning a winged motorcycle helmet along with the reminder to Be Quick or Be Dead. Finally, a lil' something for you creeps! Check out the Creep Low, Die Slow tee for a creepin' grim reaper lurking in the shadows ready to conduct business. KK-NEW-2In addition to the new tees, we also now have printed shop rags! Next time you need to get your hands dirty, ditch the boring old shop rag for one that matches your style. KK-NEW-3
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