Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Gifts for Cult Movie Buffs

topten_movies1 Do you have a cinephile on your list that particularly loves the cult movie genre? We have a ton of cinema themed treats that are sure to make you a gift giving supah-star! topten_movies2 1.) Excuse me. Steve Zissou? I think you lost your hat! Oh wait, it's actually a clever leftover saver! Don't mind me then...just going to put this tomato half in here and go about my day.... 2.) There's no arguing that Bill Murray is one of the greatest actors ever, and now you can color him in with the Thrill Murray Coloring Book. 23 different artists contributed to this book assuring that you're sure to find your favorite Bill in there somewhere! 3.) Creepy Co. is killing the pin game. These three enamel offerings feature Franknfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, the classic Pink Flamingos era Divine, and Halloween's Michael Myers (with fun bonus stabby action!) 4.) Duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun. Get that belt jazzed up with this belt buckle of everyone's favorite killer shark - JAWS! 5.) Oh Ash, you're so groovy! Relive one of the best lines from Evil Dead II with this Evil Dead Groovy tee from Rock Rebel. 6.) Easily one of the most quotable comedies ever, this shirt features Dr. Frankenstein...sorry...I mean Dr. Fronkensteen, looking as brilliantly mad as ever. We have it for dudes AND for gals! 7.) This Edward Scissorhands Handbag is perfect for all those Tim Burton fans! Made of a shiny vinyl, it also features a black and white striped interior. 8.) Speaking of Johnny Depp...check out this Cry Baby raglan tee featuring him at his dreamiest from one of John Waters' best flicks! 9.) It's just a jump to the left. Then a step to the right. Then before you know it, you're reaching for this killer Rocky Horror Cast Wallet in your purse. Just keep those pelvic thrusts to a minimum, ok? 10.) Ack! Ack! Ack! These Mars Attacks Glasses from Kreepsville 666 will have your drinks lookin' out of this world!
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