New Monstrously Adorable Friends from Isaac Bidwell

pickled_punks_the_loch_ness_monster_print Looking to adorn your home with all the delightfully wonderful trimmings you can muster? Well we've got a new addition to the site just for you. Whether it's a sad Bigfoot (Sadsquatch), adorable plush monsters, or a circus inspired banner, Isaac Bidwell is making things that you seriously. must. have. A graphic artist, Isaac more recently began transforming his artistic creations into huggable 3D versions of themselves along with his other impressive endeavors. We took a moment to chat with Isaac to find out what makes these amazing creatures come to life! How did you get started making art and transforming it into your current line? I’ve been drawing since I was little. Growing up, I was heavily influenced by comics and cartoons. Fast forward a few years, I was graduating college in Marketing and Design and the recession was starting. After some debate I decided to keep my “college” job of waiting tables, and pursue artwork. Over the past 4 years, I’ve been showing my artwork at various pop art galleries. While I enjoy it, and still do a couple occasionally, I knew I needed to develop a business and brand. Looking back, I did a series of plush I called Pickled Punks (after the sideshow fetuses in jars). These plushies, like the oddities before them, were also placed in mason jars. I took them to various comic and horror conventions and they seemed to sell well, but cases of mason jars are heavy, and since my plush was screen printed, I only had a few options due to the costs of production. Since then, I’ve been connected with a fabric printer, took those little plushies out of the jars, and created a whole line… Sideshow Banners, Prints, Larger Plush and soon clothing. Your art makes even the most nefarious of beasts seem utterly huggable, do you have a favorite so far? Hands down my Sadsquatch. I love it when I see photos of people holding them making a sad face….and when kids or babies are hanging off one, I die laughing…it’s so fun and ridiculous, his goofy face. What Cryptid creature do you want to portray that you haven’t yet? I created a Mothman plushie that I’ve only had at a few shows, so I’d like to get him out there more. As for a new one I haven’t drawn, I think a Montauk Monster banner would be great and is at the top of my list. What, as an artist, have you accomplished so far that you are most proud of? I live in an extremely small town and am very fortunate to make a living doing artwork. For the longest time, I wanted to work with huge brands, but the more I did it, the more I realized I hate it. Doing my own thing and seeing how people respond is really amazing, and by far more exciting to me than working with a fortune 500 company. And this collaboration with Sourpuss is a huge step forward with my brand. I’m pumped to know a whole bunch of people will see all these little monsters I draw, it’s very cool.  What would you like folks to know about you that they probably don’t? My whole business evolved from drawing 80s Pop Culture characters, into fun, cute monsters because I saw a need for that kind of thing at conventions since there’s not much original concepts at these things …or art for kids. I try to really pay attention to what’s going on around me and really take in what people say to me. It’s super exciting when someone shows me a weird animal or cryptid I’ve never heard of. There’s so much amazingly odd things out in the world, discovering new ones is a passion of mine.cats Check out all of the adorable creepy creatures Isaac made here! You can also follow him on Instagram @isaacbidwell
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