Let's Have a Pyknic!

nomyourselfpyknicss157-940x626 I strongly believe in the four basic food groups. You know...Tacos, Waffles, Pancakes, Pizza. That's why when Pyknic gave us a gander at their goods we knew you would love them as much as we do! (photo above from the Pyknic Winter 2015 Lookbook) Thanks to Pyknic, you can spend all the hours of the day, that you don't eat food, wearing it! Count Blessing Not Calories, Weekends are for Waffles, Follow Your Gut, Death Before Decaf...look at you, you'll be like a walking food guru. Food is tasty, the world should know! So hurry and grab some of these grub inspired goods while you can! We spoke recently with Stephen from Pyknic and learned a few tid bits that I think you'd be interested to know too!! Pyknik prints in PA using eco-friendly inks and processes, which is super important to them. Their two pugs, Duncan and Sirius Black (a rescue), hang around the office "supervising" and all the food concepts are inspired by food that they are into at the moment. Like this summer when they got on a serious Mexican kick (as can be seen in their margarita, burrito, taco, and guac shirts on their site). No morning starts without coffee for Pyknic-ers so they're always coming up with new concepts to illustrate their undying love for caffeine! Check out all of the freshly pressed threads from Pyknic Here! 11-15-pyknic  
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