Hey there, Sailor!

SailorsRuinBlog Set your sights on your new favorite tee shirt - our brand-new Sourpuss Sailors Ruin V-Neck tee! Slip into this ultra-flattering & super-comfy tee and you'll be feeling nostalgia for those days-gone-by tattoo shops of old. This vintage-inspired tee features a logo that'll make you want to drop by Sailors Ruin & Co. Traditional Tattooing and get the name of your very special sailor immortalized in ink for all to see! So while you're (very happily) sporting your sweet new shirt, don't forget to remind your friends that tattoos hurt, but tipping doesn't! And while you're in the market for some fabulous new tees, check out some of our other sure-fire faves, like our Sourpuss Workin' Stiffs tee. Drop on by the Monster Mortuary, and support your very own local workin' stiffs! Still have a hankering for more of our awesome designs? Check out our Sourpuss Albino Bat Top - an unbelievably soft tee featuring gorgeous artwork by Lekit Im. And don't forget - this show-stopper is also available as a crazy-flattering Skater Dress so you have more ways to wear this beautiful design! Check out these styles and the rest of our bounty of tees - for Gals and Kreeps alike!
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