Get Armed with a Good Book

New_Books_1 What's that sound? It's the pages of your new summertime vice calling out to you. That's right, folks, we've got a whole haul of ridiculously good reads with brand new spines just dying to be cracked open by you! Whether you're ocean-side, basking in the shade of your favorite tree or seeking refuge from the scorching summer sun, we know you're looking for some escapism during these lazy, hazy days. So get the hell out of dodge without moving a muscle with a some help from your bound little buddies! Step back in time to a bygone era, when only the rough and tumble crowd from the wrong side of the tracks dared to be inked. In New York City Tattoo: The Oral History of an Urban Art, you'll be privy to and immersed in a postwar culture all its own, featuring fascinating interviews with select surviving tattoo artists and pioneers of their time. More than just text, this historical chronicle features tons of full-color original tattoo artwork - most of which is still recognizable and resounding today. Looking to brush up your knowledge of the Man in Black? Pick up the perfectly portable House of Cash, a biography that's just the right size for bringing along on any adventure that awaits you. You'll gain a totally new perspective and truly intimate details from this biography, penned by his own son, John Carter Cash. Along with a selection of iconic and intimate photos, you'll be delving into the life and works of Johnny Cash like never before! Can't adult today? Then step right up, punks and kids at heart! Grab yourself some crayons and a copy of the Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book and forget all about adulting. Filled cover-to-cover with all the creative activities that every punk has dared to dream about, it's a veritable vacation from the mundane! Color and customize your own Iggy Pop, draw the bathroom graffiti of your dreams and holy cow - there's even a Dead Kennedys Punk Libs! Get your copy right now and let your imagination run wild liked the penned up animal that it is. Once you've devoured these, immediately head over here to check out the rest of these literary gems, just waiting for you.  
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