Summon Up A Frightful Feast

Halloween3 Have our frighteningly fabulous new dress collections got you dreaming of Black Cats & pumpkins & Lovecraft - oh my?! You don't need to wait for fall to celebrate your favorite time of year because Halloween is a state of mind and we definitely want to get inside your twisted imagination! Looking to summon up some spirits with your dinner? First and foremost, get your tabletop game on point with this magnificently macabre (and just returned!) Black Vinyl Crochet Tablecloth! This intricate & delicately patterned black tablecloth is the setting of your dreams (who are we kidding? Your nightmares) and the durable vinyl makes clean up a cinch - especially when those specters get a little rowdy! Add a pop of color or get this gorgeous pattern in a smaller dose, with these equally-as-intricate Crochet Vinyl Placemats. We've got four playful colors to choose from, so pick your favorites, mix & match or simply let the spirits decide. Conjure up some more style for your domicile and invoke only the most fabulous ghouls with this Ouija Board Coffee Mug and Ouija Board Pint Glass -because even the most listless spirits need a pick-me-up. Need someplace to store your wicked wares? Grab up a Ouija Apothecary Jar - the perfect little vessel to fill with your favorite little finds. The only thing missing now is your planchette. And before you're finished making your home look magnificently horrifying, be sure to illuminate the depths of your dark heart with your very own Skeleton Wax LED Candle. No bones about it, these flameless candles will safely burn bright all through the night and keep your Halloween state of mind illuminated 365 days a year.
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