Halloween Costume Ideas!

halloween2   1. Skeleton - Kreepsville has several versions of this dress in many color options! Easy as pie! 2. Cowgirl! Just add this little dress by Fables and throw on some boots and you are ready to dosido! 3. Bride of Frankenstien - Maybe not your typical Bride but this stitches dress is perfect for that! Just grab a wig or do your hair up and you will be set. witches 4. Grim Reaper! Add a hood and a sickle and get ready to steal souls. 5. Sexy Anything! Add some ears, a tail, a pair of black wings, pretty much anything and this dress is perfect as the base of your sexy kitten or dark angel. Add some fake blood and a nametag and you can be a zombie waitress. 6. Witch - It has a bat cut out on the back! It is black! All you need is a hat! sanrio All of the following dresses are on Sale! You won't need to add anything to complete the look because these Bodycon dresses are pretty much set. 7. Tuxedo Sam 8. Keroppi 9. Hello Kitty
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