Gumball Poodle Say What?

Gumball poodle If you hadn't noticed, we here at Sourpuss love us some socks! And as lovers of the cozy comfy feet and leg coverings we like to give mad props where props are due. Can you dig it? Cuz...we can dig it, you dig? So we Sourpuss, the sock connoisseurs, want to present to you one of our favorite sock making brands, Gumball Poodle. Their simple, yet elegantly worded and strategically placed designs, will fill the void in your life that a boring sock drawer just cannot do. It's simple like some Beer Socks. Whiskey make you frisky, buy some Whiskey Socks. Is it Business Time, oh it's Business Time, so buy some Business Time Socks. Like to fry up some pig in a pan, then get your feet in some Bacon Socks. Whatever the occasion these socks are Bananas! So check out these and other great socks on the Sourpuss Website today! And you too can be part of the Sourpuss Connoisseurs of Socks Club!
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