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We all know that saving money is a huge goal but sometimes those pennies in your pockets are just burning holes in them to get some new stuff! When we put on a sale we want you to get the most for your money! Here are several tips on things you should purchase when there is a sale. So right now we are have a 25% off Sale!!! Promocode TAXDAY will save you the most money so far this year! collage1smaller 1. Purge your closet of all those wintery clothes!!!!  Spring is here and you need some new threads! We have a whole category of items that just came in. You might think you know everything we carry but we are constantly adding items daily and they all get listed in the WHAT'S NEW category. 2. The best place to shop to SAVE the most money is our SALE page. These items are already marked down. Sometimes they are holiday items or discontinued items. Some are just items we only have 1 size left. You can narrow your search by brand and size so you do not even have to look at everything just the items we have available in your size. Believe me, you will get a lot for your money if you are shopping in the sale page and using a promocode. Some of the items are already marked down 30%!!! 3. STOCK UP!!! We sell items that people use daily, weekly, or monthly. I mean if you use pomade to get your pompadour to stand tall or slick your hair back, purchase more than one when we are having a sale! Also things like hair dye and bleach kits; it is always a good idea to have a couple colors to choose from, or an extra one at home so if you need to refresh your look you are not waiting for it to arrive. I always have 2 or 3 bleach kits sitting around and several colors of hair dye for those days when I need a new look! 4. Pick up gifts! There is always something that I need a gift for. These days it seems to be baby showers and birthdays. All my friends are having babies. I always have a couple onesies around just in case there is a last minute baby shower. Also when there is a promocode you could get some of your Christmas shopping done super early! I know its not even July yet... but who wants to be scrambling at the last minute for presents when you could get a good deal today, why shop tomorrow? Around special holidays we normally have a special category set up like MOTHERS DAY! 5. My final tip of what to purchase when there is a sale is to SPOIL yourself! Get something that you normally think is too expensive to purchase for yourself. In my case I like to purchase a new pair of shoes, a nice jacket, and a new Fred Perry.
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