Zane's Top 10

Last week I had my son in town and asked him to pick out his favorite 10 products that we carry if he was to purchase a full outfit to wear from head to toe and a couple housewares that he likes. Zane is an 18 year old, high school senior, who is into wearing black, acting, and Doctor Who. collage1 1. Sullen Hartman T-Shirt - Sullen is Zane's favorite t-shirt brand that we carry and loves all the large printed shirts they make. 2. Motorhead England Zip Up Hoodie - Who doesn't love Motorhead? If you do not then you should! Having that extra layer on in the spring helps when you have a chilly evening. 3. Lip Service Classic Guys Stretch F*cking Jeans - I do not think Zane owns a pair of jeans that are not black... and tight so these were a must have. collage2 4. Lucky 13 Burn Don't Fade Belt - Even the tightest pair of jeans needs a belt to keep them up. This embossed black on black leather belt is awesome and you can even change the belt buckle to customize it. 5. Vintage Whale Belt Buckle - Speaking of belts and customizing them with a special buckle! He likes his belt buckle to stand out so he chose this one which will contrast against all the black in the pants, t-shirt, and belt. 6. TUK Gray Creeper Sneakers - No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of sneakers. The creeper style shoes with the sneaker bottom are perfect for wandering around town in. 7. Lucky 13 Striper Socks - He is always trying to be different! The perfect way to secretly do this is get a great pair of asymmetrical socks! collage4 Zane enjoys listening to new and old records on his retro style portable record player,  drinking tea, and cosplay. 8. Sugar Skull Tea Cup w/ Saucer - Zane is an avid tea drinker and these cups showed up the first day he was here and snatched up the first one. 9. Manatea Tea Infuser - He received a normal ball tea infuser for Christmas one year but he is ready to upgrade to this adorable little guy to join him for his daily tea time. 10. Retro Record Player Laptop Case - He was lugging around this huge bulky laptop case and was ready to downsize. Since he recently started collecting records; he thought this one was just the one to hide and protect his precious laptop.
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