Top 6 Must Have Books To Add To Your Collection

  Books N Such Hello good people of Sourpussland. This week's top list is one of my favorites yet! If you're looking for the perfect coffee table book to throw that living room together, a hilarious and in-depth biography to read in your spare time or a really radical new coloring book for the kids or to feed your inner child, then look no further! Here are 6 essential books to add to your home collection. Have you ever wanted to pry into the warped, drug-indulgent mind of Shane MacGowan, iconic leader of the legendary Irish band the Pogues? Then pick up a copy of A DRINK WITH SHANE MACGOWNAN. Co-written by MacGowan and his girlfriend Victoria Mary Clarke, this insightful autobiography looks at everything from MacGowan's upbringing in Tipperary to his musical influences as well as his time in the 1970's club scene. A must have for any Pogues fanatic! If you need a break from a good book, yet still want to embrace your inner artist, it's a good thing you have THE COLORING BOOK PROJECT BOOK 2 on your shelf! 400 epic pages from 185 different artists will keep you busy for hours. Stay in the lines or go crazy and embrace your own coloring chaos. This next entry is probably my favorite item we currently have in stock. Long live the astounding, the astonishing, legend of the silver screen, Bill F**KING MURRAY! Now you can color King Murray however you see fit with the THRILL MURRAY COLORING BOOK. Peter Venkman, Phil Connors, Steve Zissou, the greats are all here! If you're a fan of the legendary Sailor Jerry and the line drawings that made Norman Keith Collins a household name, then you'll love the SAILOR JERRY'S TATTOO STENCIL BOOK. A stellar collection brought to you by Kate Hellenbrand, it's the perfect addition or gift for any traditional American tattoo enthusiast! Danzig Baldaev spent years as a guard in the notoriously infamous Russian prison system, all the while documenting over 3,000 tattoo drawings from the roughest and toughest the Russian prison system had to offer. Released as a 3 part series, my favorite has to be the 3rd installment of his series of photos, drawings and stories shared in his RUSSIAN CRIMINAL TATTOOS SERIES. Iconic tattoo artist Shawn Barber's visual documentary into the world of contemporary tattooing can now occupy that sad, empty space begging for some love on your coffee table. MEMOIR: TATTOOED PORTRAITS BOOK is 256 pages of photos, paintings and essays chronicled over a 6 year span, this book is a visual stunner and a sure fire conversation starter! There you have it ladies and gents! Whether you want to curl up with a solid read, have that overwhelming urge to break out the crayons and do some serious coloring or are in need of a really rad coffee table book, we've got just what you need!
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