Jeepers Peepers!

Jeepers creepers! Look at all these peepers! I love eyeballs and anything that has one on it. I selected my top eight eyeball related items to share today! eyeball1 1. Kreepsville 666 Eyeball Mini Skirt - This skirt is so adorable and the material is super stretchy. It has several colors of eyeballs in it so I can get away with wearing a colorful top as well as a black top with this skirt. 2.  Sourpuss Eyeball Platter - I love this platter it is super fun to use at a Halloween party but I have used it to take a plate of cupcakes to an event and it is fun to see the reactions of people when the plate is staring up at them later! 3. Eyeball Candles - I have a huge obsession with candles. I am normally burning them all weekend long.  But I also like having fun looking candles sitting around on my shelves. These charming little eyeball candles fit into any tea light holder with the base. 4. Wandering Eyeball Wallet - This wallet is going to keep an eye on your cash with all the fun colored irises! It even has a small zipper compartment in it for change. 5. Sourpuss Eyeball Cupcake Shakers - I am not sure if you read my previous blog about salt and pepper shakers... but you should! I did not include these adorable little cupcakes on it. The blood popping eyeballs on top of these cupcakes are not going to spill into your food! eyeball2   6. Dashboard Eyeball - Who does not want to drive down the road with an eyeball wearing a fez to help guide you on your way! This thing is fun. If you are like me and like to speed over bumpy roads it will wobble away and you will be giggling all the way into town. 7. Kreepsville 666 Eyeball Penny Dress - So if you liked the skirt earlier... Kreepsville also makes a cute little dress with the same pattern on the it. The back has great little straps that go across the shoulders to show some skin! 8. Party Pupil Eyeball Plush - This delightful little pupil will keep you company while you sleep and he can watch over you to keep the bad guys away at night. Checkout all our eyeball merchandise... there are so many pieces of jewelry and hair accessories and even erasers! Click Here!!!  
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