Get ready for Viva las Vegas with Sourpuss Clothing!!!!

Viva is coming up in just a little over two weeks, and we've got all the last minute things you need to make sure your bags are fully stocked with everything you'll need to complete your perfect pinup wardrobe!!!

The Out Of Orbit Dress is one of my all time favorites - it's so flattering AND comfortable - two things that usually don't happen at the same time, except for now! This is on the top of my packing list!

The simplicity of the Bombshell Cherries Earrings  makes them a no brainer - they are kitschy and cute, and they go with everything!

The best part about the Leopard Peggy Dress is that you can take it from day to night in a snap - and, of course, it's purrrrrfect!

The Shaken and Stirred Dress, just like the Out of Orbit Dress, is so flattering and stretchy, and the full skirt with netting at  the hem gives it that extra oomph that will make every head turn!

The Pink Sugar Pie Capris are made out of the same wonderful stretch nylon as the Shaken and Stirred dress, and they'll hug your curves in all the right places - and there's that adorable bow embroidery on the back hip - sweet!

Of COURSE I know that your hair is like, THE most important part of your look besides your outfit, and we've got you covered! We have a ton of Sourpuss Rose Hair Clips to choose from - not to mention all the other amazing hair accessories on the site!

The Hellbilly Gingham Dress is just one of the best new styles for Spring, and it's perfect for strolling around, checkin' out some hot cars (and hopefully hot men, hubba hubba)! it's the perfect marriage of country and western.  And it's got pockets - can't go wrong with pockets!

The print on this Rosie Starburst Scarf is my new favorite. It's so pretty and vintage, it's really a must-have!

When the new Sparkle Party Clutches came out, I couldn't decide which one I wanted to bring with me - I finally decided on coral, but I have a feeling I'll be back for the others soon enough. And at only $30, you really can't go wrong!!!!

The Fast Cars Cheap Women Dress really rolls the theme into one pretty package! Booze, Babes, and Automobiles - what better way to represent at VLV?

I personally will be bringing every color of these Dice Earrings along with me. They are the perfect accessory for Vegas!!!!

The most perfect bag for day or night, The Sophia Purse is reminiscent of the beautiful paint jobs you'll see on all those gorgeous muscle cars at Viva!  The amazing magenta color is a real crowd pleaser!!

I live in the Rosie dresses all year long, and the Rosie Tiki Dress is no exception. It has a super vintage, figure flattering fit - and it's on sale right now - hello!

If you see a redhead walking around Viva carrying the Cheetah Pom Pom purse, there might be a chance it's me, because this little baby is one of the cutest things you'll ever see and I need to have it by my side!!! I don't know what I love more, the fuzzy print or the bamboo handles - but I'm definitely in love with both!

Last but not least, the Sweetheart of Swing dress is perfect to wear on the last day of Viva. You'll be tired, probably not having slept for 4 nights straight, but you'll want to look great without having to get too fussy. Well, this is the answer! I have a feeling I'll be wearing this on my flight home on Sunday night too!

See you at Viva!!!! xoxo Johanna
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