Enhance Your Little Black Dress

collage Sometimes you own that perfect little black dress to wear to a special event. You do not want to lose your style when you have to get dressed up and sometimes wearing all black is just a little boring! Here are 6 ideas to add some interest and color to your plain black dress to get you noticed at the party. 1. Earrings - Get some fun colorful earrings!  Dangle earrings will bring more attention to the fact that you are not just wearing some diamond studs! Vintage Wandering Eyeball Earrings 2. Hair Accessories - This can be subtle with just picking a little color that pops! Or go bold! I suggest getting a layered bow that has a pattern or something with a charm that makes a little bit of your personality shine. Lucky 13 Forget Me Not Hair Bow 3. Bracelets - This one is easy! Grab something colorful with charms! Or add several bangles in multiple colors.  Sourpuss Cherry Bracelet 4. Handbags - If your dress is black, this does not mean your purse has to be. A sparkle clutch can be just the thing you need. Sourpuss Sparkle Party Clutch 5. Stockings - Fishnet stockings will add a little texture to your outfit... however there are many other patterns like lace and potholes that will glam up your little dress. Also tights with a backseam will make your legs appear longer! Believe me, people will hate to see you go... but they will love to watch you leave!   Vintage Fan Backseam Lace Stockings 6. Shoes - Get some fun colorful shoes! If you do not want to wear a solid color shoes with your black dress, get a pair or black shoes that have a design or pattern on them. This way it will add a little flash of color.  TUK Day of the Dead Skull Heels Need a little black dress? Check out the Sourpuss Rotten to the Core Dress
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