Sourpuss' Staph Picks!

Are you ready to have a ghoulishly good time?!? Halloween is our favorite time of year around here so what better way to get in the spirit then to cozy up on the couch & watch one of your (and our) favorite horror flicks!

We had everyone here pick THEIR top 3 horror movies of all time, to give you some new ideas and old favorite ideas, and here's the first 3!

First up: Andy 1. Basket Case 2.The Hitcher 3. Night of the Comet
And Nik: 1. They Live 2.Bubba Ho-Tep 3. Evil Dead
And finally this week Margaret: 1.Tombs of the Blind Dead 2. Communion 3.Salem's Lot

If you need something to hold onto while huddling in terror from these horror masterpieces, why not grab one of these classic creature plushes?
Once a week for the month of October check back here to see our very own Horrific Staph Picks for the week!
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