Our Little Shop of Horror! (13 Essential Halloween Items)

Here we compiled 13 Sourpuss essentials to get you through Halloween & stay fashionably frightful all year round!!!

1.Rotten Zombie & Zombie Girl Notecards: Show your undying love to that special someone!

2.Taxidermy Tools Umbrella: You will keep bone dry lurking around when it rains with this taxidermy tool umbrella!

3.Zombie Brain Bandana: Blend in with the undead wearing this bandana…. but move quickly!!!

4.Eyetini Patch, Cardigan & Top: "Eyeballs Eyeballs Eyeballs… Eyeballs everywhere…. Eyeballs Eyeballs Eyeballs….. Floating through the air." We have eyeballs everywhere too… from patches to cardigans to girly tops!

5.Zombie, Monster & Horror Necklaces: Show your love for everything undead with these glittery rhinestone necklaces.

6. White & Glow in the dark Bone Gloves: And sometimes you need a pair of gloves to keep your hands warms while getting rid of a body…. or taking out the trash….

7.Cats Rats Bats Kitchen Set: You'll be in the kitchen cookin' a meal that's to die for!

8.Blood Splatter Shoelaces: "We came, we saw, we kicked its ass." Yep I'm sure they were wearing these laces at the time too!

9. Necromance Tote Bag: They were made for each other… it was a true necromance! See the undead monster make-out here!

10. Zombies Never Die Wallet & Bowler Bag: "When there's no more room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth." And you will fit right in walking beside them with your matching zombie bag & wallet!

11. Tarantula Barrette: Don't panic! This spider's not real! Wear this guy in confidence knowing he won't make his way out of your hair and onto your shoulder!

12.DIY Monsters From Hell, Kreepshow, Eat the Living Hoodies: "They're Heeeeee-re!!!" That's right show your B Movie love in these DIY hoods!

13.Oh The Horror Shower Curtain: Beware!!!…This shower may be your last…. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
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