Across the river in South Philly, right near the famous cheesesteak rivalry (Pat's and Geno's) is a tucked away alley way filled with bold, amazing art. The bright colors and patterns were literally calling to us to shoot our new collection of bags. 

Model Katjanna with the new Citron Aimee Purse

 They're bright, they're bold, and the patterns are totally kick a**. Katjanna is pictured above wearing the Citron Aimee Purse. When I say it's the perfect size for going out, date night, I mean it. It's on the smaller end of bags, but it's great to hold your wallet, lipstick, and another little odds and ends you need for the night.


Kelsey (thats me!) with the new Rude Tombs Coffin Purse

Just take a look at the Rude Tombs Coffin Purse... the word perfection doesn't begin to cover it. This print is special designed in house by our very own Nik Scarlett. The colors are bright, and feminine which matches perfectly with some of our new clothing items. The size of this bag is around 16" high, so if you're anything like me, (someone who basically carries their whole life with them) this has got your name written all over it. 

Katjanna with Lust For Skulls Travel Bag

Me again! With Electric Eyeballs Travel Bag

Now lets talk about our new Travel Bags featuring our Lust for Skulls Print, and Electric Eyeballs print. Traveling in the upcoming year? Think Carryon bag. Perfect for your tablet, your liquids, ya know, all the stuff you need at the tips of your fingers. The prints on these are BOLD. Seriously, they will for sure make you stand out. This is not your average travel bag my friends... It's for alt girl next door. Can we make that a thing? 

These two prints are also available in a smaller sized bag! Our shoulder bag, with scalloped details at the top we are loving it for an everyday bag. 


Katjanna with Luna Bats Duffel bag

SPEAKING of TRAVEL... Sourpuss Fan favorite print, Luna Bats Duffel Bag. I know I just posted recently about a weekend away with the girls. But boy.... do I wish I had this ADORABLE Duffel. Not only does it feature the print, but it HAS STUDS. I REPEAT. IT HAS STUDS. The girl typing this is definitely a stud fanatic especially on my accessories. 

Katjanna with Luna Bats Duffel Bag, Kelsey with Luna Bats Hobo Purse

Katjanna Black Studs & Webs Hobo Purse

 The new Hobo bag is for sure going to be my new work bag/every day bag. It fits my laptop and has a super sleek design. Me and Katjanna like to say we're "Alt Business People" but we are! This bag is has a professional, yet alternative vibe to it. The black has gold studs along the sides, with embroidered webs in the corners of the bag. Like the black, the Luna Bats also has studs (silver) along the side. 



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