🦇 NamaSLAY Your Inner Demons 🦇

🦇 NamaSLAY Your Inner Demons 🦇

NEW!!! Your goth health and wellness dreams have been answered.. Introducing... Sourpuss Clothing Yoga Mats!!! 

Take your yoga game to the next level with these new yoga mats! 


These comfy mats are slip resistant, extremely high quality, and the perfect statement for your next yoga class! 

This photoshoot is very close to home for a lot of us folks here at Sourpuss. We love going to Shannon’s weekly yoga classes at Palo Santo. It’s the perfect way to regroup and take a breath from the constant stress of everyday life. 

We wanted to channel that same energy. This is exactly what you can expect our Tuesday evening classes to look like since these are all of our good friends, employees, and fellow business owners. 

I wish I could bottle up the smell of incense and lit amber candles, the plush feeling of the yoga mats beneath my toes, and the relaxing exhales letting go of all the tension in our shoulders. The best I can do are these beautiful photos from our photoshoot! 

Which mat are you choosing? Corpse Pose or Luna Bats?!

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