1. Tell us alittle bit about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies?
I’m from Denton, a small North Texas college town near Dallas. There isn’t a lot to do here compared to many other places, so I’ve spent a lot of my life drawing, playing guitar and singing with my band, bicycling, roller skating, traveling, swimming, hiking, foraging, and cooking. I love anything creative and am highly motivated by art, music, food, the beauty of the outdoors and movement.
       2. When did you realize you wanted art to be your career? 
For as long as I can remember. I have always drawn and loved to make art. There’s a picture of me somewhere in the Denton Record Chronicle archives wearing a beret and paint covered smock for career day in grade school. I look deadly serious and I’m holding a paintbrush.
  • 3. Your art has a heavy retro/vintage/psychedelic inspiration! How has your art evolved to where it is today?  

     I think I’ve always been drawn to art that feels magical, surreal and colorful. I used to draw a lot of Sailor Moon as a kid and was also obsessed with Lisa Frank, Erté and fashion drawings. I found Peter Max later in life and a love for vintage clothing and music from the 70s. I think all that mixed together with dabbling in psychedelics got me to my current art style.

    What is your favorite design you have done for Sourpuss?
    Definitely the Daisy Disaster pattern. It’s so colorful and dark and fun!

    5. What are your goals as an artist/musician? Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years?

    My goal is always to create work that I’m proud of and keep making more art and trying new things. It’s  about continued growth and creativity for me. In the next five years, I would love to tour more with my band, release an album or two, release prints and products with my art, work with new people, and do more of the illustration work that makes my heart sing. 

    6. How does being a musician influence your art? What artists / musicians inspire you?  
    The two are inextricably linked and are also just two outlets for the same expression. Rock n roll has definitely influenced my art, the freedom and rush of being on stage and the sights you see and the people you meet while traveling on our DIY tours. Some musicians who inspire me are Angel Olsen, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, PJ Harvey, The Ventures, Brian Wilson, Linda Perhacs, Patsy Cline, and sooo many more. Some artists who inspire me are Frida Kahlo, Dan Lam, Yayoi Kusama, Marina Fini, Future Fantasy Delight, all the artists who have work featured in Meow Wolf, Dreyfus, Dawn Aquarius, Mojo Valley, tooo many to count!
    7. LAST QUESTION! What is a MUST see / go to people should experience while in your city?
    Ooo I would say Gemini Peach and Rose Farm, one of our many amazing vegan restaurants (Pepitas, Soulgood and Spiral among them) and Rubber Gloves or Dan’s Silverleaf for music. I would also recommend riding around on a bike, it’s the way to see Denton for me :)
    Got a question for Claire? Love her designs? Drop a comment below! We wanna hear from you! 
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    Hi also from Denton, just excited to see another Denton artist feature :) how did you make it big as an artist?

    Marissa Norman

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