Dumb Junk: Weird Art for Weird People

Dumb Junk: Weird Art for Weird People

Welcome to a space where conventional norms take a back seat and the weird reign supreme! It's the world of DUMB JUNK: Weird Art for Weird People. This artwork is for the peculiar, the offbeat and the odd who celebrate the unconventional, the quirky, and the counterculture. Let's take a look at a curated selection of Dumb Junk prints and stickers:
Monster Mask Art Print
Halloween Monster Mask Tattoo Flash Art Prints
Are you ready to embrace the spooky season? Look no further than this captivating Dumb Junk art print, drawing inspiration from classic vintage Halloween masks and decorations. With its vibrant colors and eerie vibes, this artwork is the perfect addition to your home decor. Hang it proudly to infuse your space with a year-round touch of nostalgic Halloween charm.
Yee Hawnts Art Print
Yee Hawnts! Spooky Western Tattoo Flash Art Prints
Wrangle up some neon-infused spookiness with this latest Dumb Junk print, featuring hidden bats, a whimsical witch, and a fusion of western flair with Halloween aesthetics. Saddle up and lasso this wickedly wonderful treat for your haunted home. It's a trippy addition sure to delight all year round! Click here to wrassle up your own!
Stay Sick Art Print
Stay Sick Tattoo Flash Art Prints
You wanna talk about the real junk? This is an 11x14" art print inspired by The Cramps music and antics. Whether you're a creature from the black leather lagoon or you just wanna listen to some bad music for bad people, this sheet rocks your bones in technicolor terror. Click here to grab yours!
Gabaghoul Sticker
Gabaghoul Pizza Monster Stickers
Where are my cryptid loving pals? Have you heard the lure of the GABAGHOUL? They say on the eve of every Friday Night, when the moon is high and full (like a pizza pie) and your greasy empty pizza box sits lonely in the oven... you'll be visited by the GABAGHOUL! Pick up your own Gabaghoul sticker today!

What are your thoughts on Dumb Junk's collection of lowbrow art? Do you have a favorite piece, or a suggestion for future additions? We're listening! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can find all of our current Dumb Junk's offerings here:
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