All Outerwear is On Sale at Sourpuss!

For us here at Sourpuss HQ, winter's starting to wrap up. The need to wear like 40 layers is almost wrapped for the season.  But, let's be honest: spring weather is just as good (or maybe better) to sport a fancy ass jacket. Well, with that in mind: maybe it's time for you to stock up on some great outerwear! And you can do that now, for 25% Off! For a few days only, as in now thru March 2, snag any jacket or coat you've had your eyes on for cheap! Just pop in the code: BUNDLED ( one word • all caps • retail only • not retroactive • doesn't combine w/ other offers) at checkout, and you're all set! While supplies last, obviously. See the whole selection of outerwear for gals HERE and check out the GUYS selection too! Okay. So you're all set on coats, vests, jackets, parkas, what have you. We hear ya. You know what you're NOT all set on? These all new Mini-Monster decorative sets from Retro-A-Go-Go! See that Cool Cat ^ up there? That's up for grabs. Also available: Devils, Skeletons, Frankies, BRIDES of Frankie...just all the classic creeps! Each set comes with not only a decorative mini-mask of one of your favorite monsters, but also, an articulated wall hanger! You know what else you can't get enough of? Pins.  We've got all new sets and sets of the best in creepy, cute, weird, and beautiful enamel pins. Heckin' evil cats? You know they're at the party. But beyond that? Ghouls, ghosts, classic monsters, martians, and mutants all available. See the whole lot of 'em HERE and scope out all the patches that'd probably go along with them, too! As always, stay tuned as there's tons of new stuff coming in each week!
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