All New at Sourpuss!

Not only are we loaded up with new Sourpuss stuff for the Spring & Summer, but we're also fully stocked with items from our absolute favorite brands, too! Dresses, tops, skirts, hoodies and more all from the likes of Wax Poetic, Steady, Voodoo Vixen, Hellbunny, Serpentine, Killstar...the list goes on and on! See all the newest & greatest from the and a bunch more brands: HERE! With the changing of season, it's maybe time to swap out those annoying long pants, what with their full leg coverage, for some shorter, more sun-ready shorts! Get those knees in the breeze with all these new styles HERE. We've also got classic Fred Perry back in stock. Which. You KNOW you wanna grab one of these guys before they all get scooped up again. And last but not least...You're gonna look good in leather. And studs. And o-rings. With these new chokers and belts!
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