Fight the Light & the Heat with our New Parasols & Paper Fans!

As glad as we are to see the sun returning and actually warming us from this cold as heck winter, we know sometimes you need a break from all that...light.  Luckily: just in time for spring and long walks in that harsh glow, we got in these handy dandy new parasols! Featuring BATS and MORE, PINSTRIPEY BATS  nothing says 'I need to be out of the house in the daylight, but still feel like a GD vampire' than a super cute, bat covered parasol! See these new guys, and our other favorites HERE. But...what if it's too late? What if, heaven and hell forbid, the sun has already warmed you?! WHAT THEN?! It's easy. Just grab one of these collapsible paper fans and fan away that heat. I do declare: they are just the perfect solution! And it doesn't hurt that they're super cute! See the whole set HERE! And, not for nothing, you should probably snag all these things now, with the code: HELLCAT. Cause that'll snag you 15% Off your whole order! Huzzah!
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