Dig It! Graveyard Goodies From Sourpuss And Kustom Kreeps!

Do you dream of graveyards, coffins, tombstones and everything macabre?! Is your life one...big...dark...room?! When you pass a cemetery are you just dying to get in?! Then check out this collection of goodies to die for! You can start with our Creepier Than A Cemetery At Midnight Pin!Our best selling Grave Digger Skater Dress was made for all you graveyard loving babes! This soft and stretchy a line skater dress is super comfy and features a graveyard border print of tombstones, skulls and bones! Ladies unleash your glorious dark side like gorgeous @lizzkimkim!If you love this print, we've put it on our popular Grave Digger Bowler Purse! Plenty of space for you stuff, pockets for organization, and sturdy construction for durability. A must have for any lady of darkness!Embrace the afterlife with our Die In Grace Tee! Featuring original artwork by the talented Ana Pantera, this beautiful tattooed style coffin design is perfect for those longing for the other side. We still have a few of our Die In Grace Shift Dresses in stock too! Don't miss out on this beauty, get at it today!Take your final ride in style! You'll love the enamel and silver finish of our die cut Hearse Keychain! Our Hearse Pin looks great on your jacket, vest, or bag for a touch of the macabre!Death before decaf! But if you're morbid like us, perhaps you want both! So try our Pretty Girls Tumbler that features the phrase "Pretty Girls Make Graves". They sure do! Isn't our Tombstone Jewelry Box simply lovely?! Not only will this tombstone shaped ceramic container hold your ghoulish goods, it features a skull on top, the ultimate symbol of death! Add a splash of color to your drab mausoleum with our Green Coffin Shelf, perfect for displaying your most prized possessions and oddities! We still have a handful of purple ones too, don't hesitate, these will sell out!Our Tombstone Salt & Pepper Shakers are a great way to add an eerie tone to your kitchen or Halloween party this season. May your spices rest in peace!Don't fear the Reaper, embrace him for he will guide you to the next plane of existence! This awesome Kustom Kreeps design is available on our Reaper Pin, die cut Reaper Keychain, and we even still have a few Reaper Tees left!Let your final words be immortally spoken with the Kustom Kreeps Tombstone Patch! Death is inevitable, and well, as our future tombstone reads, some of us were "Born To Lose"!Next stop? Six feet under! Open up the doors to the underworld with our Morgue Motel Keychain, you can check in but you can never check out!
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