No Bummer Summer!

In case you haven't heard... school's out for summer! We don't know about you, but we've got boardwalk fries, bathing suits and beer on our minds. And, hey, even if that's not your thing, we've definitely got what you've been looking for to make this summertime fine. Check 'em all out on our Top 10 No Bummer Summer List! 1. Let's talk Sourpuss Swimwear. Because it's definitely one of my favorite topics ever! Our new swimsuit designs are amazing and seriously, the most flattering, comfortable silhouettes imaginable. Whether you're more of a Carousel Roses gal or a Jungle Princess, trust us, you're gonna wanna live in yours. Shout-out to my top pick, the Lobster One Piece. I can't resist those little crustaceans! 2. It's summer... so Donut Worry, Be Happy! We've got 3 new Cropped Ringer Tanks with the cutest, pun-niest designs and super great fit. So even if warm weather & sunshine is Nacho Baby, you're still gonna look really cute. 3. If you're an on-the-move Mermaid (and even if you're not), you're definitely gonna need to get your fins on our Mermaid Travel Pillow. Perfect for a plane ride or poolside! 4. If you're usually a nocturnal creature, venturing out into those scorching rays can be a little harsh, right? Check our fantastic array of parasols - they're total summer staples that'll keep you nice & shaded. Don't know 'bout you, but I'm totally transfixed by the hypnotizing Spiderweb parasol! 5. Don't think we'd forget about your little ones! Our brand new Lil' Punker Patch Sets are here, and boy, are they cute! These petite patches are just for your pint-sized pal (or anyone, really, because... they're awesome), and we've got four different sets to mix & match. You can check 'em out here. 6. We know summertime means you're prob on the go. But even if you're staying in (cause it's hot out there), you're gonna need someplace to put your stuff, so grab up this Sloth Tote Bag by Culture Flock. It's got the cutest sloth buddy illustration and a special important message for all the folks you meet. 7. Does your place need a seasonal spruce? Brand new Sourpuss Tea Towels are heeeere and they'll add just the tiki flair your kitchen needs. Check out our Tiki and Hula Gal Tea Towels... and then grab both. Don't they just make you wanna hula? 8. Mai tai? Oh my! Let's face it... it's a bit toasty out there! We've got some brand new Can Koozies to keep your beverage of choice protected against those elements. Maybe you want to summon the spirits with the Ouija koozie? Or repel some spirits with this koozie, featuring the Exorcist movie poster. Whatever your fancy, just pop in a can and you're set! 9. Fellas! Not a flip-flops and sandals guy? We get it. And we know that your sock game needs to be on point. How 'bout wrapping up those ankles with a little barbed wire? These Barbed Wire Socks from Kustom Kreeps will do just that. These soft, 100% cotton socks are a classic combo of gray on black. Perfect for making friends and influencing people wherever you go. 10. And one more before I go - finish off that summertime outfit juuuust right with this Lobster Necklace from Luxulite! It really doesn't get any cuter than this because this necklace features real seashells, white beads and lobsters (of course) on a blue plastic chain. I think this will complete just about any outfit, but might look especially good with a certain Lobster swimsuit. Just sayin'! Check out all a whole slewwww of the goodies that you need to make this a No Bummer Summer right here.      
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