We're SLASHING prices for 24 hours for Friday the 13th!

Everybody likes Fridays to begin with, right? I mean: it's just about the weekend and there ain't nothing wrong with that. But even better than a regular Friday? Friday the 13th. Now, look: if you're a teenage camp counselor at a lake in north Jersey in the 80's maybe that's not good. But for everybody else, it means: Sourpuss is celebrating everyone's favorite hockey masked killer with a site-wide sale where we are (pun intended) slashing prices! Get 13% off your orders, for today only! Just pop in code SLASHER (1 word • all caps • retail only • doesn't combine • not retroactive) and you're all set! But what to get with these killer savings? How about one of our new Fiesta dresses?  Nah? Well, I don't know why not, they're delightful! But maybe you're feeling something a little less springtime and fun...don't worry. For folks whose wardrobe has and will only consist of black, we got you, too. New jewelry and accessories from Sourpuss favorite Curiology are just what the plague doctor ordered. Or how about checking out this awesome new-for-us brand: Chemical Black?  If neither of these do it for you, don;t worry: we have a mess of other great stuff newly in HERE.
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