Punk Rock Bowling Recap!

A couple weeks ago I headed out to Las Vegas, Nevada to kick off our Sourpuss Sponsorship and retail booth at the 19th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival. It feels surreal walking into the location before anyone is there to set up. All is quiet well sort of. You have bands sound checking and trucks unloading and multiple other noises going on but nothing compared to loud bands that will be starting in a couple hours! Banners are everywhere with our logo on them! It makes me more excited when I see where our booth is going to be located and see that I will be able to see the stage. We had shipped all the items to the event. So When I got there I had to set build clothing racks and unpack most of everything we brought and set up a little store so people could come in and try on dresses. It was about 95 degrees with no breeze in sight! The second the gates opened it felt like a sea of people swarmed to our booth to purchase their favorite Thrillhaus, Dumb Junk, and Sourpuss patches! I felt like we ran out of many items the first day! Hard to believe that I sold out of Octopus Blankets in the first hour on a 95 degree day! My friend PJ took this amazing photo of Iggy Pop who headlined the first night. Amazing that he is still just as crazy and exciting to see now as he was when he was younger! Our booth was busy all day. I barely got to take any photos of any of the bands during the first day. The one thing that is amazing about PRB. Is that the festival outside during the day ends and the night time club shows begin! I headed out every night to catch some sort of show. Whether it was the Street Dogs and Vandals performing or watching Cock Sparrer play in a venue that only held about 200 people. I have to say the club shows were my favorite part of the festival. It made it a tad bit more intimate. There were so many shows going on at the same time it was hard to decide what to go to each night. Going to Punk Rock Karaoke was a big hit! I swear I normally go to karaoke in hopes to see someone totally bomb! But everyone that got on stage felt like they were the band leader! Even when someone needed a little help with the lyrics the band was there to help keep them up to speed! The evening ended with Fat Mike from NOFX singing a Dickies Song! We were back at selling each day of the festival. It was hot! There were tons of people that got their early and stayed there late and continually stopped by to say hello... and try on dresses... some came into the tent just to get out of the sun. Cock Sparrer closed out the festival. I have to say no matter how many times I see them every show is great. Whether it was in the 200 person club or on the huge festival stage. When it ended I packed up and headed home to go out and do it again in NJ 2 weeks later! The NJ punk rock bowling has a completely different vibe than Las Vegas! It is smaller in a good way. Most of the bands are wondering around the clubs and the boardwalk. Your chances of meeting your favorite band are completely higher whether is Mike Blank from Blank 77 hanging out on the boardwalk near Mogo tacos or Vinnie Stigma inside the Stone Pony watching all the bands at the club shows. Wyldlife began the festival at the Stone Pony Friday evening. If you have never had a chance to see them they are full of energy and were a wise choice to get the night rolling! I have seen Agnostic Front play many times but had never caught Stigma doing his thing! He was meant to be the front man! This band is more of a throwback to old school punk than hardcore and I am a new fan! If you were wondering around Asbury you most likely ran into Vinnie! He was hanging at the Dr Marten booth for photos most of the weekend. The Dwarves Must Die! So they can live another day! Blag and He Who Cannot Be Named took the stage to close out the first evening and it was loud it was rude and it was punk! I had seen He Who Cannot Be Named perform in Las Vegas but watching the Dwarves headline the opening club show was something else! The next morning we set up the booth at the venue and got it ready to roll. The great thing about Asbury is that since it is so close to home we can bring more stuff with us. We can set up the mini store and really make the shopping part an experience. It always amazes me how many Wu-Tang Beach Towels I can sell in Asbury park! People just can never get enough of the Wu-Tang. No matter who you were at the festival to see there was really something for everyone in Asbury Park. From newer bands like Crazy and the Brains and Pup, to older bands like the Templars, Pietasters, and the Specials, and even some new combers who might not fit into the "punk" category but if you did not want to shed a tear or dance your heart out when Charles Bradley sang "Changes" there might be something wrong with you! The second day in Asbury was crazier than the first! It really felt like there were 2 times the amount of people around. Hot Blood and BigWig started things off... the next act was something to catch... Former Sourpuss Employee, Rory Cain's Philadelphia based band Posers took the stage and brought some fast punk rock with energy to the crowd. It was 10 degrees hotter and the music felt like they turned it up to 11! There were a couple ska bands in there like the New Darkbuster and Pietasters before the Buzzcocks took the stage to play their hits! NOFX closed out the evening. You could tell that people had waited all day for them to take the stage. We hope you enjoyed the booth and picked up a new purse, towel, a million patches, or even a Fred Perry polo! And we will hope to be back next year to do it all again.
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