All Shoes are 25% Off at Sourpuss!

sp_shoe_sale_1 Shoes. You need 'em, we got em. And for the next couple of days, you can get 'em (ANY of them) for 25% Off! We're making room for new stock for the new season, and thanks to that, YOU get  chance to snag any pair of zombie-stompin heels, crushed faux fur creepers, cat-faced flats, bat-winged booties, or pinup perfect wedges...or any other pair of shoes you've been scoping out here at Sourpuss! Just enter the code: SHOES  (one word • all caps • doesn't combine w/ other offers • retail only) at checkout, and you're all set! But like...don't sleep on this. The offer's only good thru 10/3.
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