Loungefly - Perfect Pairs

Things that are perfect come in pairs! Loungefly has created a couple handbags with their matching wallets that should not be separated! cats These adorable 3D Kitty Faced Purse and Wallet combo are just too purrrrrr-fect! Both feature a mix of gloss and matte faux leather to create the cute little face the biggest feature is its little applique ears! mermaid Do you love tattoos? Anchors? Mermaids? Well Loungefly has combined all 3 to create this complementing duo! The Hold Fast Tote Bag has a removable anchor charm! Both the bag and the wallet feature artwork from tattoo artist, Derik Snell that is super sea worthy! Skullroses Last but definitely not least the Gray Skull and Roses Duffle bag and matching wallet are really to die for! The detail pyramid studs set this pair apart from other combos! So you can purchase just a bag and just a wallet. But really why would you not pick up its matching friend! Be sure to check out all new merchandise from Loungefly!    
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