Not Your Average Tote

SPTO14 We all have a few lying around, totes of all sizes and styles. It’s understandable - they’re convenient. But most of the time, they can be rather flimsy. And sometimes flimsy just ain’t cutting it. Say hello to our carry all bags! These tote style bags are great as quick go-to bags, or everyday bags. They’re made of a sturdy canvas, have a satin lining, and even feature inner pockets so you won’t lose anything small to the black whole abyss that is the bottom of *every* purse. Another thing makes these bags a step above your average tote - they’re huge! Need to carry that laptop with you, but don’t want an ugly (and obvious) laptop bag? That sucker will fit like a charm, and you’ll still be left with tons of room for your other necessities. SPTO12
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