Sourpuss Feat. Retailer: Memento Mori Studios!

Slides_1 What is your name, and what is your job title at Memento Mori? I’m Chris Gauthier, President of Memento Mori Studios Inc. I’ll be answering some of these questions with the help of my best friend, Jesse & my wife, Jax. Tell us more about Memento Mori! When did you open and what's changed since then? We opened in June 2011, four partners consisting of two married couples. We all gave up secure employment & spent every penny we had to fulfill our mutual dream of opening our own shop. We started in a small space offering quality tattoos & piercings alongside some of our favorite brands like Sourpuss. Things took off pretty quick for us & last December we relocated to a 5500 square foot location & have increased our staff to 13. We also added laser tattoo removal & currently feature 8 resident tattooers & a well-respected piercing department. What did you do before Memento Mori? My partners already worked in the tattoo industry but I actually worked in management for a large cellular company. I spent 10 years wearing a tie to work but I gained experience & learned a lot of what I need to know about operating a business. I always knew I was going to be self-employed & I went to fashion college when I was 19 so I kinda wanted to have a clothing store. Then in 2008 on a beach in Mexico the four of us realized that we could put our dreams together & build one business utilizing all of our skill sets. Slides_2 What's the best part about your job? I think the best part of our jobs is getting to work with our friends & family every day. We’ve been able to build an amazing group of creative individuals that share our commitment to our industry & our passion for art. It’s pretty awesome to be able to love what you do & that’s something we don’t take for granted. What is your favorite thing to drink when out with friends? Bourbon Old Fashioned What is your favorite smell? Sandlewood Do you have any irrational fears? Not really, I don't buy all the statistics about the likeliness of being attacked by a shark. Do you like horror movies? Jesse – Yes, his favorite is the original Night of the Living Dead. What are you most excited about in the coming months? Pretty stoked to start planning our vacations/trips for later in the year. Keep up with Memento Mori here: Instagram @mementomoristudiosinc Twitter @mementomoriink Facebook
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