Special Edition Philadelphia Pomades

PHILLY-POMADESAy yo! Kustom Kreeps is back with a range of special edition pomades dedicated to the city that's closest to our hearts, Philadelphia! The light version has a vanilla and butterscotch scent reminiscent of a certain favorite, pre-packaged tasty homegrown treat. It works well for slick backs and looser styles during these winter months, and comes in a unique dark gold color. The medium, with it's Soft Pretzel scent, has a salty, buttery aroma that'll send you searching for your closest street vendor. Finally, the heavy hold has a PORK ROLL scent. That's right, your favorite sandwich meat in all it's smokey glory. Very comparable hold-wise to our original Death Grip pomade, it'll keep your hair in place during both the summer humidity and walking through the wind tunnel down on 20th and Market. Pick up these special edition brews either in person at the upcoming Philadelphia Tattoo Convention, February 12th-14th, or online while supplies last!
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