You Totes Need These!

Totes The end of summer may be near but you know what  never ends? The burning and insatiable need for a handy dandy and unbearably adorable tote bag! The awesome news is that this is an itch that you can scratch right now by grabbing up your own stash of Sourpuss tote bags! Make Shark Week every week with our super sharp (get it?) Shark Tote. This tote is super sturdy, has a satin-lined interior complete with pockets and is the best way to bring your little shark friend with you wherever you go! So go on and sink your teeth into one of these must-haves! Now just because summer is coming to a close doesn't mean that your adventures have to. As a matter of fact, every day is the perfect day for a fabulous adventure when you've got our Adventure Tote! This canvas tote has a fully satin-lined interior, a zip-top to keep all your fun finds tucked neatly inside, rope handles and a design filled with all the whimsy! You can store your books, your baby supplies, your groceries but probably not your sanity because let's face it, we all lost that a loooong time ago! So take a peek at all of our incredibly Sourpuss tote bags and get yours while our sale is a-cookin'! Now through Aug. 28th, you're going to save 20% on any and all Sourpuss brand totes and purses so strike while the iron is hot!
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