Terrifyingly Cute New Sourpuss Collections!

SP_Haloweenish_Mailer_2 ME-OW!  You kittens are gonna gonna wanna dig your claws into this amazing collection. Our classic June, Peggy and Skater dresses have been adorned with a new Halloween inspired, feline friendly pattern featuring everybody's favorite familiar: Black Cats. See the whole set of 'em HERE.SP_Haloweenish_Mailer_3 And for those hunting for a deeper horror, one inspired by the Great-Old things described in the masterworks of horror legend H.P. Lovecraft...well, here we go (or: here Mi-Go, for you true nerdo-s out there). Adorned with images of everything from the Necronomicon to the most famous of the big-bads Cthulhu himself, these crafty little numbers will be sure to grab the attention of all of the Elder things.  Get your tentacles on 'em all HERE.
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