Vespa Swag!

magnets I have been riding Vespa's since 1999 when I purchased my first 1979 P200! It was a beater, rat bike, basket case! Whatever you want to call it that machine became my obsession. After I found that one I started buying others. At one point I counted and had 17 scooters. I was paying more to rent a garage to store all the precious gems I had found in than I was to live in my house. Over the years I have fixed and sold most of those bikes but still own 2. Every time I see a scooter on the street I take a photo or check out what year and model it is. I was super happy when we received these magnet sets in. There are so many fun models of bikes that remind me of all the fun scooters I have owned over the years. I cannot wait to fill my fridge with these so it looks like a parking lot on the streets of Rome. mugs Anyone that is into Vespa scooters knows that you must own any and everything that has to do with scooters and branded coffee mugs are a must have! Italy is known for 2 things: Vespas and Coffee well maybe 3 if you add pizza in there! These mugs come in 4 colors that represent available scooter colors over the many years. I can image sitting on my front porch sipping my coffee with a small group of friends that just rode over to say hi! bags Finally check out these fun Shoulder bags! They are perfect for using while riding your bike! Small enough to not take up too much room if you are carrying a passenger but large enough to carry anything you might need for your quick trip to the store. Remember you have that bag hook you can hang it on! My personal favorite is the Black Mini Shoulder Bag - Mainly it features materials used on Vespas. The sides are rubber and textured like the hand grips of the bike. The cute little hardware holding the shoulder strap on resembles a small version of the bag clip under the seat. The vinyl is similar to what the seats are made of! Someone spent a good deal of time designing this work of art. What is not to love? The great thing about these bags is even if you do not ride a Vespa they are still adorable and retro to match any 1950's-1970's style outfit!
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