Ding Dong, the Winter is Dead!

Cardigans_at_Sourpuss That's right, you heard it here - it's Springtime! FINALLY, right?! So because we love you and all, we've got some New & recently Back-in-Stock Cardigans so that you can step up your Spring game like a pro! Newly restocked just for you, slip yourself into our Sourpuss Zombie Cameo Cardigan! Your favorite undead duo are keeping it classy with He and She Zombie Cameo portrait embroidery - the perfect way for you to rock your adorably undead style! Next step in your Springtime celebration - get ready for a lovely day on the dock in our Sourpuss Lovely Anchor Cardigan! This is one of my new favorites because it not only features a fabulous Anchor & Bow embroidery, but it also has some super cute bows right at your wrist! If you simply cannot get enough of this Lovely Anchor action, you're in luck! This cardigan is available in both Aqua and Black. Your only regret will be that you can't wear 'em both at once! (Technically, you could but how will you enjoy all that fresh Springtime air?) If you like to keep it a little sassy (and I know you do), then you'll be sending a deliciously important message in our new Sourpuss Have a Cupcake Cardigan. You can have your cake and eat it too when you're wearing this yummy confection because nothing rings in Spring better than this blue cardigan with pink gem buttons, featuring the tastiest of tasty treats! And don't forget - it's cupcakes for your true friends and the rest can eat shit & die! You can check out all of our Cardigans right here.
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