Kat Attack Photography Shoots our Vinyl Diner Dress!

Kat_Attack_PhotosCheck out these awesome shots that Kat Attack Photography sent over of our darling Vinyl Diner dress! This 2-way zipper equipped little number is sure to turn ALL the heads. All of them. Being a very clean shaped & minimally adorned dress, it's the perfect canvas to pair up with any number of accessories...and what better way to make it pop than with our replica bone jewelry?!  Toss on the Raccoon Jaw Necklace & Earrings (P.S. they're not made from real bone...totally veg-friendly bone jewelry!) for a perfectly subtle, macabre look. Check out all the other gorgeous pinup & tattooed lady photos from Kat Attack at her site HERE: www.katattackphotography.com And FB Page HERE: www.facebook.com/KatAttackPhoto
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