Rebel 8 ~ Authentic Art Without Manipulation

Rebel 8 Our Sourpuss dudes are pretty particular about their brands. They want apparel that is made well, fits comfortably, and that legitimately represent the roots they hold true. So when searching for a brand that would fit well with some of our favorites, we knew that Rebel 8 would be an amazing addition to the Sourpuss site. Their quality products and standards are just a small fraction of what makes this brand worth your while. So what else is it about Rebel 8 that makes them so unique and worth wearing? Rebel 8 was created by Joshy D. and Mike Giant in 2003. The company got it's start when Giant (a legend in the tattoo and street art world) created a handful of designs for Joshy D. (founder of HiFiArt) which he then sold out of a messenger bag. Fast forward to today, Mike Giant continues to direct all art for the brand using hand drawn designs free of computer manipulation. Joshy D manages the business end of things helping make Rebel 8 it's own mini empire being sold all across the land. Beyond tee shirts, Rebel 8 now provides well constructed, durable apparel that offers a meticulously manicured look for any street styled fella. Check out our selection of Rebel 8 merchandise here! Rebel 8
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