Dr Martens Meets Brutus

logoBRUTUS Since the 1960's both Dr. Martens and Brutus have made a huge impact on many subcultures. This super trim fit shirt gives you the best of both worlds! Brutus has taken the iconic colors from a Cherry Oxblood Dr Marten boot and created  not only 1 but 2 Limited Edition button down shirts. The TrimFit shirt has a cult following among mods and suedeheads throughout the world and has been documented in numerous books and articles about British fashion. Throughout the late sixties and mid seventies this iconic shirt sold in the millions. The MK5 - takes the yellow from the stitching of the sole of the boots to create a bright shirt with a dark contrasting maroon. The Mk6 - takes the oxblood from the leather and adds in a little yellow and black to use all the colors seen in the boots. Each shirt has the same trim fit that Brutus has been known for since their start in 1966 and comes with a pocket square of the contrasting shirt! Giving you a little of each style. Which one do you like the most?  
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