Mad Monster Party Picnic!

Monsterparty Head on the road this Halloween with a little Universal Monster flair! Not every party needs to be indoors, why not pack your cemetary bag and head out for an adventurous night exploring haunted places and cemetery spaces!? This Monsters Barrel Purse will hold all of the things you need to dine in style! Pack it full of must have Monster picnic supplies! Snag this Mummy Tea Towel for a makeshift table cloth, great for grassy knolls and dust covered tombstone tops. Crack open a bottle of your favorite brew with the Bite Me bottle Opener and share a drink with the Mini Frankie Mug. Light a match while exploring dark and spooky haunts with these dual face Frank/Dracula matchsticks! Why explore using a flash light when you can do it Scooby Gang style...? And once, at last, you settle in with your favorite packable meal of choice, these Dracula paper plates and napkins will make for an easy mean, clean up!
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