Happy National Left Handers Day (Celebrate with this SALE!)

Left_Handers_Sale_1Happy National Left Handers Day to all our Southpaw friends out there! Some may say your the hand of evil...but we think you're just swell! For 24 hours, we're giving you a deal on your next retail order: Get 20% OFF Your NEXT retail order by left-hand typing the word LEFTIES at checkout (all caps • one word • doesn't combine with other offers). And yeah...I guess right handers can get in on this too. Left_Handers_Sale_3Oh man, not only is it National Left Handers Day...it's also friggin' SHARK WEEK! Dig your multiple rows of razor sharp teeth into any of these fantastic representations of our favorite finned fiends. Shark Heels? Yep. Shark Leggings? Got 'em. Key chain floaters featuring your favorite Jaws fellas? You betcha. Check all our shark stuff out HERE and good hunting! You shoulda got a bigger boat for all these awesome things.
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