How many New Sourpuss Dresses? ALL THE NEW SOURPUSS DRESSES!

New_Sourpuss_Dresses_3a We are really, really stocked up on Brand New Sourpuss dresses. Whether you're hunting for skulls, anchors, mean-as-hell cats, bats or vintage nautical inspired illustration: we've got a gorgeously cut dress to match your style. Don't miss out on digging your claws (or tentacles) into these amazing dresses! •Order up! Get like, super-fierce in our hash-slinging inspired Bad Kitty Diner Dress adorned with a snarling, bloody mouthed kitten. •Stay out late and stalk the night in our Rosie Bats Dress, covered in tiny bats. And last, but not least: stay afloat in the seas of looking good in our Kraken's Revenge Dark Lizzie dress, covered in a vintage-esque nautical pattern feat. tall ships, octopi, anchors, compasses, doubloons, and treasure maps.
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