Proud to be 'Merican!

Proud_to_be_'MERICANWell it's almost that time of the year! You know the one where apple pie is made, whipped blueberry and strawberry decorated confections are devoured, and meat, so much meat, is seared on a hot charcoal fueled grill! And then there's that other part...history, freedom, fireworks, all that jazz! So we wanted to share with you some of our favorite things about being 'Merican to help celebrate the special day! Celebrate the humorous propensities of some fine 'Merican ladies with the Funny Broads Pizza Party Coloring Book. Featuring the likenesses of Kristen Wigg, Tina Fey, Amy Sedaris, Kristen Schall, and Mindy Kaling, your holiday will be well spent scribbling away on these comedic beauties, hilarious hijinks are sure to ensue! Nothing says 'Merica like sailing your yacht along the ocean blue. No yacht to speak of? Get your kids "on a boat" with this Tug Bowl Feeding Set, cheaper than the real thing and clearly more useful! 'Merican Beards are making their way across this great nation in all their hurly burly grandness. Why not celebrate the lumberjack way by chopping up your pizza, Woodsman Style? Paul Bunyan ain't got nothin' on your rotary tools! With the craft beer/coffee craze currently sweeping the nation you'll want to show your love of this newly styled 'Merican takeover! Combine both greats into one with the Beer Coffee Mug, coffee brewed beer I might add, very tasty. What can I say? The great State of Illinois birthed Bill Murray, if that doesn't make us the best nation in the land well then I don't know what does. Decorate your 'Merican Idol with this coloring book! The DIY movement in 'Merica is pretty swell. Why not open up a tall one with this Hammer Bottle Opener and build yourself a seat while you're at it! This handy hammer is a must have for the novice builder in you....or just to hang some photos...framed art really ties the room together. And last but not least we 'Mericans love our meat. Meaty, Meat, Meat, Meat. Why not carry your lunch to work with the Meat Parade Lunchbox featuring classic retro styled advertising from the great U.S. of A. Folks won't be surprised when you pull out your meat sandwich with a side of meat and some meat meat. Sigh, that lunch sure was meatsy! Have a great holiday and don't forget to snag the essential items that make your Holiday complete.  
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