Saintly Candles to Save Your Soul!

greaser Have you ever wanted to light a candle and pray to someone you can truly believe in? Well now you can, thanks to Danielle Jenkins of Greaser Creatures! Whether it be Saint Siouxsie, Saint Rat Fink, Saint Frankenstein, and many more, Greaser Creatures has a prayer candle for you. Since we're big fans of these spiritual enlighteners, we recently caught up with Danielle to ask her a few questions about creating special tools for our idol worship. So what inspired you to start creating your own Saintly Candles with some less than traditional fame filled facial features? It all started with Dolly Parton, because she is my idol and I worship her! I made the image for myself to put on a prayer candle, so that I could have my own personal patron saint to pray to. At the time, I already had my Etsy store but I was just selling my art and prints, but then I thought that the prayer candles would be a great filler item.  I could encourage people to pray a little differently and have a sense of humor while doing it! I started with 4 patron saints that I believed in, (Dolly, Elvis, Morrissey, and Marilyn) and they took off. I now offer over 40 different saintly candles, as well as a custom option where the customer can make any person of their choice into a sanctified prayer candle. Has there been a particular candle that you've made that has made you utterly beside yourself with creative genius? I don't know if I would flatter myself with creative genius, but my favorite candles to do are the custom candles. Not only is it a challenge to make a brand new saint out of someone that I may or may not be familiar with, but I just love being able to create something custom for someone that they wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. The enthusiastic feedback, social media posts, and customer photos just make my day brighter. What other handicrafts do you like to work on in your spare time? I love to paint and draw in my spare time, and offer prints on my Etsy store when I can. I'm an avid treasure hunter, and love to scour the flea markets and thrift shops for vintage goods that may have been overlooked by others.I have also recently been experimenting with resin casting, and will soon be offering handmade jewelry and wall art in my store as well! What is the best thing about Greaser Creatures that everyone should know? I am a one woman show, doing everything from taking orders, making the artwork, assembling the candles by hand, packing each one, shipping them out, and answering customer emails or requests. It is very important to me that each item has a personal touch, and I always include a handwritten thank you note with every order because I want each customer to know how thankful I am for their support. Most importantly, this is only the beginning for Greaser Creatures! I will soon be expanding my Etsy store and offering not only more Patron Saint candles and art prints, but also vintage finds and clothing, jewelry, and hand painted reproduction chalkware. Be sure to follow my shop at to stay updated and informed when the new products hit the site!    
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